Anthropomorphic statue

Reference : 2014

Anthropomorphic statue

This small sculpture represents a male ancestor.
The head is topped with a headdress.
She wears a bracelet adorned with barter pearls (German origins) and a small tooth.
Wood with brown patina
Height: 28 cm
Province of East Sepik. Coastal region
Papua New Guinea.

Source :
– Former Richard Collection. L.M Kelton, USA. (n°3254)

This ancestral effigy, known as Kandimbong(or kâ(n)dibon(g)), may represent the personification of the clan founder, an important deceased figure or a mythical cultural hero.
During the initiation rite for young men, the kandimbong statuettes were kept close to the initiates, who slept next to them during their months-long isolation in the bush.
The Kandimbong became the initiate’s companion.

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