Elayaborr archer’s shield

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Elayaborr archer’s shield

Wood carved with a lithic tool.
Height: 0.90 m / Width: 0.31 m
Pre-contact era.
Korkor, Mendi Valley, Southern Highlands

Source :
– Collected by David Eastburn in the Mendi Valley in 1960.
– Elizabeth Pryce Collection, Sydney.

These shields are worn tightly under the armpit, slung over the shoulder with a rope, to protect the warrior’s torso when using his bow.
They are lightweight and easy to maneuver.
They can be distinguished from Warrumbi shields from the same region by their U-shaped structure at the top. This protected the warrior’s head.
The anthropomorphic image is generally seen as an ancestor, protecting the warrior. Red represents the color of victory (and also vengeance for the dead).

Dr David Eastburn has worked closely with communities in Papua New Guinea for almost five decades.
He was a secondary school teacher in the Southern Highlands for ten years and has been involved in documentary filmmaking. He is the author of : The Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

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