War shield

Reference : 2184

War shield

Rectangular shape
Engraved with a lithic tool and painted with geometric motifs
Blue, ochre (Bixa orellana seeds) and white (lime) pigments
Height: 1.42 m / Width: 0.47 m
Arkosame region
Sandaun district

Source :
– Collected by Michael Hamson between the villages of Arkosame and Bongos
– The JOLIKA Collection of Marcia & John Friede, Rye, New-York
– Adrian Schlag Collection, Spain

The decoration on the shield is made up of highly stylized elements whose complex, rich graphics and color schemes are characteristic of the aesthetics of this region.
The quadrangular shield, carved in champlevé with geometric motifs organized along a longitudinal and horizontal axis.
Between these bands, chevrons, spirals, serrations and rounded X lines decorate the object. The back of the shield is unpainted
It has four holes for rope attachment.
This type of large shield was used more for defense: a line of men holding these shields protected men armed with assegais or arrows. The face of the shield, facing the enemy, was designed not only to stop or deflect projectiles (arrows, javelins, stones), but also to convey a message.
The motifs are sometimes loaded with symbols and signals intended for the assailant.
Here, the painted motifs refer to plants and animals linked to the owner’s clan. The shield is more than a tool of war, it’s an attribute of identity.

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