Wasekaseka or Waseisei necklace

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Wasekaseka or Waseisei necklace

Necklace made of forty cut and polished ivory points.
Dotted and arranged in order of decreasing size, from the center to the sides, they are mounted on a plant fiber rope.
Sperm whale tooth (Physeter macrocephalus)
Lengths: from 5.5 to 11cm
Fiji Archipelago

This necklace is a typical example of an ornament worn by Fijian warriors. It was also an important currency.
Cut vertically along the natural curve of the sperm whale tooth, a large specimen could provide six to ten points.
Preserving its honey patina obtained by adding oil, this beautiful necklace is distinguished by the large number of points used in its manufacture.

Price: €8,500

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